Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My new outfit!

Outfit: so here are the pics!

This is the top I plan on wearing, black lace with either a black tank top underneath, or a black long sleeved t-shirt, depending on the weather, also with the pretty necklace. (Right.)

Another top, it's a dark purply colour, but you can't really tell with iPhone pics, it's also silk, I think, and is loose. Handy for days when I'm in pain and want to wear loose clothes. Hence the choice of two tops. Anyways, here it is. (Left.)

This is the blazer I've been talking about for a long time! "Tuxedo-inspired" and it's actually pretty comfortable for someone who is used to hoodies! (Right.)

 I'll wear my darkish blue bootleg jeans with these Chucks. (Left.)

And this is the aforementioned bag that I'll be taking. (Right.)  

Where did I shop?
Okay, the two tops, blazer and necklace are from Portmans, while the Chucks are from a Converse, etc. shoe store, at a factory outlet shopping centre. =)

My reunion:
I'm excited about it; of course it will be really, incredibly difficult seeing how everyone I knew so well has moved on to uni, etc. and I'm stuck at home. I can't even say I'm at that school this year! But I'm really getting sick of being in the house, with my family all the time. I can't wait to see my .. friends? Is that what they are now, or because they've moved on without me, are they acquaintances? But, anyways, it'll be great to get "dressed up" (for me!) and go out, even just for an afternoon tea. But, really, I'm wondering if the fact I'm so excited and anxious about my reunion is affecting my sleep. Oh well, it will all be over soon, until the 5 year reunion!

I've received comments on my Facebook and Twitter accounts about my new Chucks (both the pink glittery ones and the black sparkly ones) as well as my new bag, but no one's seen my new tops or blazer as yet, so, as always: I welcome feedback!

Take care. xoxo


  1. I love blazers & that one is gorgeous! I can't stand chucks on me but I am picturing them on you will that outfit & it looks devine. Can't wait to hear how it all goes! xx

  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure at first, but I love it now!! I'll post about the reunion as soon as I am able, I fear it may take a lot out of me. But it will be worth it!

    As I explained in an earlier post, my only choices for shoes are these: runners, Chucks, or custom-made super expensive flats. I'm too small for adult's shoes and too large for most, if not all, children's shoes. I hope to grow to a size 6 so I can buy women's shoes!!

    Alex. xoxo

    Those sparkly chucks are incredible.
    I wants a pair.

    You will look so nice!

  4. Annie, thanks so much!! The sparkly Chucks are awesome, and they're really comfortable, too. Hope you're doing okay. x

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  6. Okay. I guess my age is showing because until I saw the photo, I had never even heard of chucks! LOL! Everything is beautiful and you are going to look amazing! I can't wait to hear how the day turns out!

  7. My favs are the jacket and the purse. I hope you had fun at the reunion! :-)

  8. Thanks everyone, I did have a great time!! I'll blog about it and some big news I got as soon as Blogger is working on my laptop; it just won't load. It's been that way for a fortnight at least! I'm writing this on my iPhone, and I hope to be back soon. =)