Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maths tutoring

Maths tutoring:
I was going to have maths tutoring on Saturday afternoon, but it had to be rearranged, so I chose today, at 2pm. We covered 'Functional Equations and Matrices', and it wasn't that bad. I was surprisingly awake and alert... Usually if I don't sleep well, even my medications can't work enough! This is the pouch of medication I take out with me, or keep with me during tutoring. (Right.)
I even managed to notice if my tutor made a mistake, or if I'd missed something, like a minus sign, or part of an equation. So it was a good session; challenging in parts, but I understood it all. =) 

I have a lot of maths things: two pencil cases, one with a stapler, scissors, highlighters, ruler, spare pens/pencils, my memory sticks, spare lead, and coloured tabs. The other holds the pens I use each tutoring session, my calculator, (TI-89 Titanium) Smiggle scented pens/thin felt-tip pens. I also have a textbook, coursebook, (which contains the homework and all the weekly work) A4 notebook for study/homework (I will use looseleaf soon, it's annoying having to tear out the homework pages) and two smaller notebooks, one already filled with notes and examples, the other we just started using today for the same purpose. There's a binder folder which I use to store SACs, and anything else from Distance Education. I have a blue display folder, too, for tutoring notes, cheatsheets, and working out/scribble. I keep my organiser with me, so I can remember which week I'm in, upcoming SACs, and organise tutoring session. Obviously my wallet. That's a pic of all the stuff I have to cart back and forth each weekend. (Above, left.)

My younger brother woke me at 9.30am, and it was noisy so regularly, plus the fact that my deep sleep was disrupted meant that I couldn't get back to sleep. I stayed in bed anyway, I didn't want to cause more pain; sitting and studying means I need an hour lying down. That's why I'm writing this blog post from my bed! I went to bed at 10.55pm, but it was too noisy (as my younger brother still hadn't gone to bed) for me to sleep. It was finally quiet at around 11.20pm, and I was asleep by midnight. I woke at 4.50am, fell asleep by 6am, woke at 8.10am, and fell asleep quickly. Until I was woken. I haven't had a nap!

I worked solidly from 2pm - 5pm (tutoring) then studied/worked on homework until about 7pm. I've finished the whole week's homework, and next week I have an analysis assignment. I'll ask my teacher what topics to revise, I figure it's on something from Unit 4, but it could be something awful like trigonometry... That always seems to be on tests and exams!! 

This is my homework. (Left.) Usually it's a lot more than one page! I completed 4 questions, but couldn't get my hands to stop shaking enough so I could take a clear picture. But you get the idea, if you look closely you can see the matrices, and the different colours of pen for question numbers, then questions, and pencil for the working out! It's sort of messy for me, but I'm not used to having to do matrices. It's lining up the square brackets that gets me! Plus I have a tendency to write sloping down the page. It's funny.

I need visit Officeworks, and I may go tomorrow; I have a specialist's appointment near an Officeworks, and Mum needs to return something anyway. I'm out of the blue sticky coloured tabs, and am running low on the other colours. Those are the tabs I have right now. I also need get post-it notes, they're very useful as reminders to stick up, and I love looking at the stationery! I feel as though if everything is colour-coded and organised, I'll get a great mark!!

I hope everyone likes the pictures! I'll leave you with another. You know how I bought all those Franz Ferdinand CDs. (Last post) Anyway, I'd liked Franz Ferdinand since the start, really, (2004) but I've got into them a lot more since I recorded a performance and watched it over and over. It was on MTV Classic, and it's from February 2009; Franz Ferdinand playing live in Valencia. It's amazing! All their songs sound brilliant live, and they sounded great before! This is a "screenshot" (I took a pic with my iPhone) of Alex Kapranos singing '40 Ft'. Enjoy, I know I did! =D  (Right.)

I love comments/feedback. Ticking a 'happy'/'sad', etc. box would be great! People are reading/visiting, but IDK why they won't comment.


  1. Hey sweetie!
    I hope you are doing well - as well as any of us can do!

    Your new layout actually looks really really good!

    If I had to suggest ways to generate comments - I recommend asking people for advice about something, or asking people how they feel about certain situations. People love to talk about themselves lol.

    I hope you are feeling decent doll, I'm stuck on the couch unable to move right now :(


  2. Thanks, I fiddled around with a lot of settings before I chose this layout; I wanted it to be easy to look at and read. =)

    I've tried asking for opinions, eg. my last post 'Shopping & results"... It doesn't seem to work, though. Any suggestions for topics? I guess I'm used to people responding to all my posts, and suddenly nothing!

    I hope you're feeling better too. I'm stuck in bed after a specialist's appointment at the hospital and a blood test. (Blood tests always make me faint/sick, so I have to lie down during them and for at least 15mins after!)

    Thanks for commenting, and take care! xoxo

  3. Hi hi!

    You're doing awesome to be studying so hard with ME/CFS! Three hours in a row is a really long time! =D Well done! Hope you get the marks you are hoping for =D

    ~Adrielle =)

  4. Hi Adrielle!!!

    Thanks for visiting AND commenting! x I love comments!! =D

    Thanks! I'm just hoping for a pass mark. My teacher and tutor think I'll do well, though. =)

    With tutoring and study included, I study for about 5-6hrs a week, 6hrs being the minimum for distance education, while 8hrs is the recommended amount.

    How are you? I hope you're doing okay, and that it's a temporary bad patch. Rest up, listen to your body, and try to do things you enjoy, even if it's watching tv, or lying in bed and listening to music!

    Take care. Alex. xoxo

  5. I usually have a bunch of pencils when I go to my math tutorials. After the session, some of them are already broken. Haha! I'm so thankful that my tutor gave me a reason to love math principles. She also gave me hints in memorizing various formulas. How are you now? I hope you are sharing your knowledge to other students by peer tutoring. :)

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