Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My hospital/specialist visit.
I saw my specialist on Monday, who was not of much help. I've been put on a new medication for my back spasms, but I can only take it at night. She won't help with the rest of my pain, my insomnia, or sleep pattern. Apparently it could take over a year for this sleep regime and sleep hygeine to begin to work. I really don't believe much, if anything of what doctors tell me. They've lied to me enough for me to lose faith in them completely.

I got given another dose of vitamin D supplement, it's a liquid oily thing, which tastes horrid. The last time I had it I nearly threw up in my specialist's office, she told me to stop being silly. That was last May/June. I'm meant to have it every winter now. I have many deficiencies and abnormalities, but this is the only one being taken care of!

My specialist gave me the prescriptions I needed, but dated one incorrectly, so the pharmacy couldn't fill it yesterday. Mum went to another local compounding pharmacy who have been filling my various prescriptions since I was 13, and they filled it. It just has to arrive. I'm going to try my new pain medication tonight, and see if it helps me sleep at all. I really hope it does!!!

After I saw my specialist I had to go to pathology to get my vitamin D, iron stores, TSH and more tested. I had to lie down with my legs elevated during the blood test and for 15-20mins after, as I get very faint, dizzy and light-headed with any procedure involving needles and the like.
Then the mean pathologist came in, and laughed.
So I said: "Yeah, it's hilarious, me being this sick, isn't it?" (very sarcastically)
He replies: "Oh, sorry, it's just funny seeing you upside down from this point of view."
Uh-huh. Whatever.
Last time he told me I had to watch my blood test, wasn't allowed to lie down, and it was "all in my head" that I get faint from blood tests, the sight of blood and needles, etc. Afterwards, as it was nearing 5pm, he sent me out into the corridor to wait for my father, even though I was faint, seeing stars and had ringing in my ears. I reported him!! We also reported him when I was 7. He scared the hell out of me then. He said that if I didn't drink 3L of water he'd have to stick me 10 times with a needle. (The hospital policy is a maximum of 3 attempts, unless the patient requests another nurse/pathologist.) I was already frightened of needles, but he made it 100x worse! I now know his name, so I can go to pathology and say: "Anyone at all, except ..."

That's about it for my health/doctor update! I don't expect comments, so don't worry!

Take care. xoxo

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  1. Hi Alex, I just found your site, through my friend Zarla's. First, your reunion outfit rocks!

    I also have ME/CFS and can imagine the extraordinarily difficult journey you are living as you work towards your education. I became ill twenty years ago, when I was in my twenties. My daughters are now your age.

    Your dizziness, nausea etc...while having blood tests with your legs up, sounds like Orthostatic Intolerance. Do you have it severely? I do. I think its awful that you were left in that hallway to wait when you could have fainted.

    Once I was wheeled out of an ER and left alone in a wheelchair to wait for my husband to bring the car up to get me. I was too weak to sit up and fell out. There was no one around to help. It was an awful and vulnerable feeling.

    I now have a CFS specialist here in the US. It took me many years to find good doctors, but through them I have found a few treasures.

    Glad to "meet" you Alex. Kerry