Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My new outfit!

Outfit: so here are the pics!

This is the top I plan on wearing, black lace with either a black tank top underneath, or a black long sleeved t-shirt, depending on the weather, also with the pretty necklace. (Right.)

Another top, it's a dark purply colour, but you can't really tell with iPhone pics, it's also silk, I think, and is loose. Handy for days when I'm in pain and want to wear loose clothes. Hence the choice of two tops. Anyways, here it is. (Left.)

This is the blazer I've been talking about for a long time! "Tuxedo-inspired" and it's actually pretty comfortable for someone who is used to hoodies! (Right.)

 I'll wear my darkish blue bootleg jeans with these Chucks. (Left.)

And this is the aforementioned bag that I'll be taking. (Right.)  

Where did I shop?
Okay, the two tops, blazer and necklace are from Portmans, while the Chucks are from a Converse, etc. shoe store, at a factory outlet shopping centre. =)

My reunion:
I'm excited about it; of course it will be really, incredibly difficult seeing how everyone I knew so well has moved on to uni, etc. and I'm stuck at home. I can't even say I'm at that school this year! But I'm really getting sick of being in the house, with my family all the time. I can't wait to see my .. friends? Is that what they are now, or because they've moved on without me, are they acquaintances? But, anyways, it'll be great to get "dressed up" (for me!) and go out, even just for an afternoon tea. But, really, I'm wondering if the fact I'm so excited and anxious about my reunion is affecting my sleep. Oh well, it will all be over soon, until the 5 year reunion!

I've received comments on my Facebook and Twitter accounts about my new Chucks (both the pink glittery ones and the black sparkly ones) as well as my new bag, but no one's seen my new tops or blazer as yet, so, as always: I welcome feedback!

Take care. xoxo


My hospital/specialist visit.
I saw my specialist on Monday, who was not of much help. I've been put on a new medication for my back spasms, but I can only take it at night. She won't help with the rest of my pain, my insomnia, or sleep pattern. Apparently it could take over a year for this sleep regime and sleep hygeine to begin to work. I really don't believe much, if anything of what doctors tell me. They've lied to me enough for me to lose faith in them completely.

I got given another dose of vitamin D supplement, it's a liquid oily thing, which tastes horrid. The last time I had it I nearly threw up in my specialist's office, she told me to stop being silly. That was last May/June. I'm meant to have it every winter now. I have many deficiencies and abnormalities, but this is the only one being taken care of!

My specialist gave me the prescriptions I needed, but dated one incorrectly, so the pharmacy couldn't fill it yesterday. Mum went to another local compounding pharmacy who have been filling my various prescriptions since I was 13, and they filled it. It just has to arrive. I'm going to try my new pain medication tonight, and see if it helps me sleep at all. I really hope it does!!!

After I saw my specialist I had to go to pathology to get my vitamin D, iron stores, TSH and more tested. I had to lie down with my legs elevated during the blood test and for 15-20mins after, as I get very faint, dizzy and light-headed with any procedure involving needles and the like.
Then the mean pathologist came in, and laughed.
So I said: "Yeah, it's hilarious, me being this sick, isn't it?" (very sarcastically)
He replies: "Oh, sorry, it's just funny seeing you upside down from this point of view."
Uh-huh. Whatever.
Last time he told me I had to watch my blood test, wasn't allowed to lie down, and it was "all in my head" that I get faint from blood tests, the sight of blood and needles, etc. Afterwards, as it was nearing 5pm, he sent me out into the corridor to wait for my father, even though I was faint, seeing stars and had ringing in my ears. I reported him!! We also reported him when I was 7. He scared the hell out of me then. He said that if I didn't drink 3L of water he'd have to stick me 10 times with a needle. (The hospital policy is a maximum of 3 attempts, unless the patient requests another nurse/pathologist.) I was already frightened of needles, but he made it 100x worse! I now know his name, so I can go to pathology and say: "Anyone at all, except ..."

That's about it for my health/doctor update! I don't expect comments, so don't worry!

Take care. xoxo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maths tutoring

Maths tutoring:
I was going to have maths tutoring on Saturday afternoon, but it had to be rearranged, so I chose today, at 2pm. We covered 'Functional Equations and Matrices', and it wasn't that bad. I was surprisingly awake and alert... Usually if I don't sleep well, even my medications can't work enough! This is the pouch of medication I take out with me, or keep with me during tutoring. (Right.)
I even managed to notice if my tutor made a mistake, or if I'd missed something, like a minus sign, or part of an equation. So it was a good session; challenging in parts, but I understood it all. =) 

I have a lot of maths things: two pencil cases, one with a stapler, scissors, highlighters, ruler, spare pens/pencils, my memory sticks, spare lead, and coloured tabs. The other holds the pens I use each tutoring session, my calculator, (TI-89 Titanium) Smiggle scented pens/thin felt-tip pens. I also have a textbook, coursebook, (which contains the homework and all the weekly work) A4 notebook for study/homework (I will use looseleaf soon, it's annoying having to tear out the homework pages) and two smaller notebooks, one already filled with notes and examples, the other we just started using today for the same purpose. There's a binder folder which I use to store SACs, and anything else from Distance Education. I have a blue display folder, too, for tutoring notes, cheatsheets, and working out/scribble. I keep my organiser with me, so I can remember which week I'm in, upcoming SACs, and organise tutoring session. Obviously my wallet. That's a pic of all the stuff I have to cart back and forth each weekend. (Above, left.)

My younger brother woke me at 9.30am, and it was noisy so regularly, plus the fact that my deep sleep was disrupted meant that I couldn't get back to sleep. I stayed in bed anyway, I didn't want to cause more pain; sitting and studying means I need an hour lying down. That's why I'm writing this blog post from my bed! I went to bed at 10.55pm, but it was too noisy (as my younger brother still hadn't gone to bed) for me to sleep. It was finally quiet at around 11.20pm, and I was asleep by midnight. I woke at 4.50am, fell asleep by 6am, woke at 8.10am, and fell asleep quickly. Until I was woken. I haven't had a nap!

I worked solidly from 2pm - 5pm (tutoring) then studied/worked on homework until about 7pm. I've finished the whole week's homework, and next week I have an analysis assignment. I'll ask my teacher what topics to revise, I figure it's on something from Unit 4, but it could be something awful like trigonometry... That always seems to be on tests and exams!! 

This is my homework. (Left.) Usually it's a lot more than one page! I completed 4 questions, but couldn't get my hands to stop shaking enough so I could take a clear picture. But you get the idea, if you look closely you can see the matrices, and the different colours of pen for question numbers, then questions, and pencil for the working out! It's sort of messy for me, but I'm not used to having to do matrices. It's lining up the square brackets that gets me! Plus I have a tendency to write sloping down the page. It's funny.

I need visit Officeworks, and I may go tomorrow; I have a specialist's appointment near an Officeworks, and Mum needs to return something anyway. I'm out of the blue sticky coloured tabs, and am running low on the other colours. Those are the tabs I have right now. I also need get post-it notes, they're very useful as reminders to stick up, and I love looking at the stationery! I feel as though if everything is colour-coded and organised, I'll get a great mark!!

I hope everyone likes the pictures! I'll leave you with another. You know how I bought all those Franz Ferdinand CDs. (Last post) Anyway, I'd liked Franz Ferdinand since the start, really, (2004) but I've got into them a lot more since I recorded a performance and watched it over and over. It was on MTV Classic, and it's from February 2009; Franz Ferdinand playing live in Valencia. It's amazing! All their songs sound brilliant live, and they sounded great before! This is a "screenshot" (I took a pic with my iPhone) of Alex Kapranos singing '40 Ft'. Enjoy, I know I did! =D  (Right.)

I love comments/feedback. Ticking a 'happy'/'sad', etc. box would be great! People are reading/visiting, but IDK why they won't comment.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping and results!

I went shopping on Monday, but have been recovering until now, (Friday) otherwise I would have posted earlier! I found a bag, some shoes, and got my blazer altered at the tailor's. The bag is black, and the main section has a zip compartment which is ideal for my medications, and in the main section I'll carry my usual things: wallet, water bottle, pension card/library card, (they're the closest thing to an ID I own!) keys, etc. On the front there's another zip compartment, but much larger, and I'll use that for my iPod, iPhone, and anything else I need frequent or quick access to. Perhaps Ondansetron should be kept there, too! On the back of the bag there's a small zip section which is ideal for papaw ointment, lip gloss and a small mirror. Here's a picture, what do you think of the bag?
The shoes I got were from the Converse outlet, and one pair is black and sparkly, fastened at the side by velcro/press studs and sort of look like slouch boots. They don't have laces, so they're a bit more formal than normal Chucks. Do you like my shoes? I won't be wearing the tops turned down at my reunion, but they're still cool! 
The second pair I got are just normal low-tops, except they're pink and glittery, with identical laces. I don't normally like pink, but these were so bright and shiny (I sound like Gollum!) that I couldn't resist. Oh, and the laces are sort of elastic-y. Are they too pink and shiny, or do you like them? Let me know, leave a comment!
I also bought Franz Ferdinand CDs: 'Franz Ferdinand', 'You Could Have It So Much Better', 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' and 'Blood: Franz Ferdinand'. The only one I didn't own a digital copy of (from iTunes) was 'Blood: Franz Ferdinand'. I've since listened to it, and I like it, but not as much as the other albums. I don't always like remixes. But since I've really got into Franz Ferdinand, I had to own a copy of all their albums, and actual CDs at that. Same with Oasis and The Killers. I can't wait for Franz Ferdinand's next album, and I really hope they tour here, at a disabled-friendly venue. (ie. Not a festival, an arena with seating, and music that a friend likes so I can access the disabled seating.) With The Killers on hiatus, I needed a band to fill the musical void in my heart! Here are the CDs I bought; sorry the picture is sideways. I take all pics with my iPhone now. Do you like Franz Ferdinand, too? What sort of music are you into? What music would you recommend for me?
I just needed the sleeves on my blazer shortened as they were too long, but otherwise it fits me really well. It will be ready to pick up on Tuesday. Hopefully it turns out fine; I've never really owned a "good" jacket or had to have anything altered besides jeans. I'll post pics of my outfit as soon as I have it all together. I have a really nice necklace to wear, as well. I welcome opinions!

Maths results!
My mum rang my teacher the other day because I was having a mini-meltdown over my results, which I STILL hadn't received. I got an A on my calculus assignment (that really long one that took a fortnight) and a B on my test/assignment which was on calculus and trigonometry, plus a few other things. When I got my results in the mail, I got a fright, because of the way things are classified, my marks fall as a 'High' (B+ or B) and a 'Medium' (C+ or C.) My teacher worked out the percentages, though, and I got a low A, which falls into the 'High' category with the sorting, and for the second assignment I got a high B, which falls into the 'Medium' category with the sorting. So far this year on my assignments I've received: A+, A, B. My next assignment is in the last week of June, and I think it's another long one, but I only get a week to complete it. I really hope I do alright.

I have to maintain a high average for my classwork, because I usually do badly on my exams. I panic, and then have a mind blank. This only started after I missed a year of school and was house-bound that year. My doctors think I developed a lot of new fears that year. When I got back to school I was terrified of speaking in class, or even talking to people. I'd also developed mild agoraphobia. I hated leaving the house, and would have a panic attack every morning before school. I still panic before any kind of public speaking, whether it's debating, a speech in front of the school, or just my English class. And I'm really panicky during it. I thought debating would help me face my new fear of public speaking, but it just meant I got to be terrified on a regular basis. So I'm still as scared as ever when it comes to public speaking, but if I feel comfortable in a class, I'll contribute. I'm always told I need to contribute more to class. (Not in German; there was nowhere to hide in a class of four people, including me!)

Another stressor/fear:
I'm stressed that I'll be the same after this year at home, studying by distance: scared of school, scared to speak up, scared of leaving my room. I do go out, but that's different to giving a speech to a class. I wish I could be assessed differently for oral tasks, because they actually mark you on how well you present. So I'm at a disadvantage before I even start the assignment! I just hope that there aren't too many oral presentations, and if there are, that it's group work. Then I don't have to do all the talking. The worst thing is when I get so shaky and start blacking out that I'm not sure if I'll be able to speak... But I always end up talking. Luckily! I really don't think it's fair to assess people on how they present an oral task. A fear of public speaking is very disabling, and if you already have a disability, it's even worse.

I slept well Monday night this week, but I was woken the next night, so since then I've had very broken sleep. Take last night as an example: I went to bed at about 10.50pm, but woke at 1am, 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10.30am and 11am. I got up at 11.30am, and haven't been back to bed since. It's a pity, because I really need my sleep to recover from all the activity on Monday. I walked so much that day, it was a huge shopping centre! I'm hoping my sleep will right itself again soon, because I will really need rest before my reunion. I hope I can have a good time, because after that, it will be the weekend, then my assignment week. Yay.

I love reading your comments, but I've been missing them lately! Where is everyone?!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brain fog and study don't mix.

Yesterday afternoon I had maths tutoring from 2.15pm - 5pm. And it went well; my tutor understood that sometimes I'd zone out, or need things revised because of the pain I was in, but overall I grasped all the concepts from Week 3. (Integration.) It was the homework that was difficult. My calculator (a TI-89 Titanium) wouldn't co-operate for a graphing question that HAD to be done on the calculator, so I skipped that question entirely after fiddling with the 'window' settings for 20 minutes. I think by the time I'd started my homework, I was in so much pain (back pain as well as the pain from my braces) and so brain dead that I really wasn't in the best condition to be doing calculus. I had to read the questions 3 times before I understood them, and I'd confuse a) with c) and have to start all over again! I finally finished at around 7.30pm, and the homework is sitting in an envelope, addressed and ready to be mailed to my teacher tomorrow. Yes, I could try again another day, but I work best when the mathematical concepts are fresh in my mind - even if my mind is full of 'fog'. Besides, I hate making mistakes, or realising that I've made them. I always think I should have done better, even if I get an A+. But because it's maths, I'm just going to settle for an end-of-year pass mark. I can't fail, or else I won't be able to get into Accounting. (I'm desperate to study Arts, then Law, but if I'm still really sick... A safe government job is what I should go for.) So my week is pretty much free until I have tutoring again next Saturday!

I guess I thought I would sleep after studying for so long, being in so much pain all day, for days (which is exhausting) and washing, drying and straightening my hair (an exhausting task, which must be done every second day.) But I didn't sleep well. My younger brother was so hyper, he was banging on the bedroom walls and yelling until late at night (11.40pm) so even if I'd been able to go to bed at 10.30pm, I would've just become really stressed and felt sicker. I woke at 1am and 3.40am, and then slept fitfully until 6am. I have a really sore throat today, and have had one since I woke at 3.40am, so I got up at 6.30am to get ice cream! And then I got chills, then I felt like I was running a fever.

I'm just really not feeling well, and I think that the lack of sleep is making me sick. I've been up since 6.30am, pretty much, just lying down in between. I'm really nauseous, but can't take Ondansetron because it's being rationed for days when I'm doing something. (Like yesterday - study.) I did manage to change my bed linen today, but I've pretty much used up all my energy. And it's not even 1pm yet! I've spent a lot of time on my iPhone; on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. That's basically my life: the internet and study. I stayed out of bed from 11am yesterday, and went to bed at 11pm, but I still slept terribly. I really think this "sleep hygeine" is useless for me. I'm going to nap if I can soon, because I feel really sick, and there's just not enough that I can do to keep myself occupied!

Comment if you have any suggestions for ways to use my time (NOT STUDY!!) or just want to say 'hi' ... I'm missing the comments! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I got my braces on last week, on Tuesday afternoon. And it didn't hurt... For a few hours. Then it was absolutely agonising. And it still is. The orthodontist and assistants are all really nice, and they explain what they're going to do before they do it, and they warn me if something might be painful! This is all new for me, my last orthodontist thought braces were a "pain-free" procedure, but it would be hard to eat steak for the first week. She obviously never had braces, or met people with different pain thresholds!

I'm on Panadeine Forte for the pain, which, as bloody always, does almost nothing. On the upside, it means I can open my mouth enough to eat rice, but apart from coconut rice, I'm basically living off jelly, ice cream, and anything soft that doesn't require chewing. I take Mersyndol before bed and when I wake at 3am, because it's supposed to help you sleep. It didn't when I last had braces, and it isn't this time! Still, it means the Panadeine Forte will last longer, because I don't know how long I'll be in pain.

The pain is keeping me awake at night. I've been waking at 3am every single night since I got these braces, and today, I haven't got back to sleep yet. And I have to get up at 12.45pm for maths tutoring. I'm really not looking forward to it; it's hard for me to concentrate at the best of times, but when I'm in overwhelming pain, calculus is infinitely more difficult. I haven't been able to revise at all. The first week of the holidays I was too exhausted and busy, and this week I've been in too much pain and too sleep deprived. I really hope I can remember the basics of antidifferentiation and integration, I really don't want to waste my tutor's time revising. I feel guilty that I couldn't revise, and that I'm taking up my tutor's weekends every week...

I'm considering going to the hospital if the pain keeps up much longer. It isn't often that pain brings me to tears, but this is. On a daily basis. Also, decent pain relief (like morphine) helps you sleep, apparently. It didn't when I was 9, but, who knows? I just want to be pain free for one entire day!!!

Sleep routine:
I'm still going to bed each night between 10.30pm and 11.30pm, and I am generally asleep by midnight. I always wake at 3am, regardless of what time I got up the previous day, whether I napped, or anything else that's sleep-hygeine related. This week, it's been the pain waking me, but before that, it was a new pattern. I just hope it changes again soon. My younger brother goes back to school on Monday, so I'll be able to go to bed at 10.30pm every night and get to sleep sooner, because it will be quiet, finally. Mum has promised. I figure if I stick to a night time routine, the day time sleep will lessen - my need for it, that is, so eventually I can get up earlier. Some days I'm in bed until 4pm simply because I can't get up. I really need more sleep, at night, in order to do well this year, and to get back to school and Orientation. I'm trying my hardest, but my body is trying it's hardest to make sure I don't sleep! M.E. is the most confusing, frustrating and misunderstood illness!!

I have a one-year reunion for my high school coming up in about a fortnight. I've pretty much got my outfit, but I need a bag, as mentioned in a previous post, and I might get a new pair of Chucks. One day I'll be able to fit into adult's shoes. I'd wear flats, but I can only fit into one kind, that is sold at one store in one season, and last time I went, they had a size 2 (I've grown out of mine) and a size 6. Not helpful. But at least I'm relatively cheap to buy for when it comes to clothing; I fit kid's shoes a lot of the time, especially if they're runners.

I'm hoping the pain will subside enough for me to go and look for a bag and maybe get some Chucks. I know my size, and the colours I like, so it's not too energy-consuming to buy them. I'm excited about the reunion; I haven't really seen anyone since my November exams last year, and then it was only a few girls. If I'm still in pain by the reunion, which I shouldn't be, I'll eat some rice beforehand, because I doubt they'll be serving jelly, lol!!

Unfortunately, I'm seeing my specialist earlier that week, so I'll be tired from the constant battle for meds or a treatment that isn't SSRIs. I just refuse SSRIs and Melatonin; they don't work, they never have, and they won't now!

Thanks for reading, and I love reading your comments and seeing your feedback. LMK if the last post was too long, okay?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shopping & Twilight

So, yesterday I went shopping. I found a blazer on Friday in Portmans after I'd had my hair cut, but they only had a size six. And I'm not a size six, so they put a size ten and twelve on hold at another store in a nearby shopping centre. I managed to go yesterday, as they wouldn't hold it any longer, and the size ten fits (almost) perfectly! I just have to get the sleeves altered; they are too long. I never fit anything properly, and I can never buy shoes. (Unless they're runners, generally Chucks, or Havaianas.) Apparently girls with size 3 feet don't exist. Anyway, Mum talked me into trying on some nice tops (that weren't t-shirts for a change) while I was there, and I found two that I really loved, as well as a necklace to go with the outfit!

I just need to get a bag, and then I've actually got an outfit I can wear to more formal occasions. Until now, my whole wardrobe consisted of jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and tracksuit pants. (For when I'm too sick/in too much pain to put on and/or wear jeans, or need to exercise.) One top is a black lace one, and I'm going to wear a black camisole/tank top under it, obviously. The other top is sort of a dark purple, and it's really pretty. Yes, I'm great at describing things, aren't I?! Um, the blazer is sort of "tuxedo-inspired" (apparently) and it's black.

For those of you who are my friends on Facebook or who follow me on Twitter, you may know that I'd been planning an outing with an old friend (our parents met when we were babies!) to see the movie 'Twilight: Eclipse'. I'm not a fan of romances, for instance, I love Shakespeare, but really strongly disliked 'Romeo & Juliet', which was sadly the first Shakespearean play we did in English at school. That was back in Year 9. (In Year 10 we studied 'Macbeth', and in Year 11 we studied 'Othello'. I loved both. Some people thought that was odd.)

Anyway, Mum rented the first two 'Twilight' movies for me last week, so I could catch up, as I wasn't well enough to get to a bookstore. The first one was alright, the second was worse, and the third, which I saw with my friend, was probably my favourite. There were some funny lines, but the last film we saw together was a James Bond movie at Gold Class, with Starlight. That was my choice! So that might give you a clue as to my interests when it comes to movies. I also don't like people messing with the classics. Don't mess with 'Dracula', okay, people?! I don't like my vampires sparkly and feeding off animals! Speaking of 'Dracula', I love the book, and the film. (I don't know which particular version I have, I should check sometime.)

I had a great time, and I was even well enough to wear lip gloss. (The last time I wore make-up was at my Year 11 formal!) Well, I actually wanted to look nice. I didn't want to look like a vampire, being pale and all, but considering that Edward seems to wear lipstick, I probably ended up looking more like a vampire than ever! I really hope that there are some good movies coming out over the next few months, I really want to catch up with this friend again. She even likes 'Doctor Who' now!! Awesome. (I hadn't seen her since March last year, so people can change a lot in that amount of time!)

It was a fundraiser for a charity/support group for adolescents with chronic illnesses - I've been a member since I was in Year 8 (age 14) but I haven't been able to go to any of the socials or camps because they're not designed for spoonies. Things like ropes courses, swimming, rock climbing, indoor sports centres (wheelchair friendly) have been the reasons I've missed out. It's been so long, in fact, that we've now got a new co-ordinator (again) and I only recognised two of the people there. They still remembered me! I had a brilliant time, and I love going out. There was a bookstore next to the movie theatre, and I got super excited, because they had the definitive edition of 'The Diary Of Anne Frank'. Which I mistook for the critical edition. Can I just say that it sucks, because I still have to order it in from the US. Hopefully it's not so expensive anymore, otherwise I'll have to wait until Christmas. *extremelysadface*

Sleep (or lack thereof)
My sleep pattern has gone crazy. I go to bed between 10.30pm and 11.40pm each night, am generally asleep by midnight at the latest, and wake at 2.30am or 3am every night without fail. I stay awake for hours, usually falling asleep again around 7am. But it's now past 8am, and I have not slept since 3am. So I think I might try to sleep until 3pm. I don't care what it supposedly does to one's sleep pattern, I just can't keep using Ondansetron because my crazy, stupid body won't let me sleep! Right now I'm really craving a bagel. We get our milk home-delivered, and you can order other things like eggs, bread, and bagels. I have recently discovered sesame bagels, and love them! They're perfect for when I feel sick, but have to eat. But back to the sleep. Because this new sleep pattern only started about 10 days ago, I figure that if I continue to go to bed at around 11pm nightly, and avoid naps, it should right itself, so that I can start to get up earlier each day. (No earlier than 11am. That's just a waste of rest time, and the only advantage of distance education!) I'm still not sleepy. I have no idea what is wrong with my body clock, because I am really starting to feel sick now.

Braces. Again.
So, on Tuesday afternoon I'm having my braces put on. Yay! NOT. I am really not looking forward to the pain, and I couldn't get an appointment with my G.P. until Wednesday evening, so I'm going to have to use lots of OTC painkillers to manage. (Last time I got both top and bottom sets of braces on at once, and I was on a liquid diet for a month. I couldn't chew! I'd tear my sandwiches into pieces, then swallow them whole. I was 12, and it was much less painful having four teeth removed under general anesthetic than it was to have braces.) I'd rather have the painkillers I got when I had those teeth pulled than Panadeine Forte! IDK what they put in my drip, but it was effective. I couldn't feel my lip for two days! (It was quite funny.) I'm hoping because I am only getting braces on the top set of teeth, and on a much smaller section, that the pain will be a lot less, but I really don't know. I have an incredibly low pain threshold. I just hope I can still get things done this week. Like get a bag to go with that outfit, or see my grandmother, or even study, because I have tutoring this Saturday. And it's the last week of the holidays. *sigh*

Thanks for reading, comment if you want, I'm sure you know by now that I love comments!