Saturday, July 10, 2010


I got my braces on last week, on Tuesday afternoon. And it didn't hurt... For a few hours. Then it was absolutely agonising. And it still is. The orthodontist and assistants are all really nice, and they explain what they're going to do before they do it, and they warn me if something might be painful! This is all new for me, my last orthodontist thought braces were a "pain-free" procedure, but it would be hard to eat steak for the first week. She obviously never had braces, or met people with different pain thresholds!

I'm on Panadeine Forte for the pain, which, as bloody always, does almost nothing. On the upside, it means I can open my mouth enough to eat rice, but apart from coconut rice, I'm basically living off jelly, ice cream, and anything soft that doesn't require chewing. I take Mersyndol before bed and when I wake at 3am, because it's supposed to help you sleep. It didn't when I last had braces, and it isn't this time! Still, it means the Panadeine Forte will last longer, because I don't know how long I'll be in pain.

The pain is keeping me awake at night. I've been waking at 3am every single night since I got these braces, and today, I haven't got back to sleep yet. And I have to get up at 12.45pm for maths tutoring. I'm really not looking forward to it; it's hard for me to concentrate at the best of times, but when I'm in overwhelming pain, calculus is infinitely more difficult. I haven't been able to revise at all. The first week of the holidays I was too exhausted and busy, and this week I've been in too much pain and too sleep deprived. I really hope I can remember the basics of antidifferentiation and integration, I really don't want to waste my tutor's time revising. I feel guilty that I couldn't revise, and that I'm taking up my tutor's weekends every week...

I'm considering going to the hospital if the pain keeps up much longer. It isn't often that pain brings me to tears, but this is. On a daily basis. Also, decent pain relief (like morphine) helps you sleep, apparently. It didn't when I was 9, but, who knows? I just want to be pain free for one entire day!!!

Sleep routine:
I'm still going to bed each night between 10.30pm and 11.30pm, and I am generally asleep by midnight. I always wake at 3am, regardless of what time I got up the previous day, whether I napped, or anything else that's sleep-hygeine related. This week, it's been the pain waking me, but before that, it was a new pattern. I just hope it changes again soon. My younger brother goes back to school on Monday, so I'll be able to go to bed at 10.30pm every night and get to sleep sooner, because it will be quiet, finally. Mum has promised. I figure if I stick to a night time routine, the day time sleep will lessen - my need for it, that is, so eventually I can get up earlier. Some days I'm in bed until 4pm simply because I can't get up. I really need more sleep, at night, in order to do well this year, and to get back to school and Orientation. I'm trying my hardest, but my body is trying it's hardest to make sure I don't sleep! M.E. is the most confusing, frustrating and misunderstood illness!!

I have a one-year reunion for my high school coming up in about a fortnight. I've pretty much got my outfit, but I need a bag, as mentioned in a previous post, and I might get a new pair of Chucks. One day I'll be able to fit into adult's shoes. I'd wear flats, but I can only fit into one kind, that is sold at one store in one season, and last time I went, they had a size 2 (I've grown out of mine) and a size 6. Not helpful. But at least I'm relatively cheap to buy for when it comes to clothing; I fit kid's shoes a lot of the time, especially if they're runners.

I'm hoping the pain will subside enough for me to go and look for a bag and maybe get some Chucks. I know my size, and the colours I like, so it's not too energy-consuming to buy them. I'm excited about the reunion; I haven't really seen anyone since my November exams last year, and then it was only a few girls. If I'm still in pain by the reunion, which I shouldn't be, I'll eat some rice beforehand, because I doubt they'll be serving jelly, lol!!

Unfortunately, I'm seeing my specialist earlier that week, so I'll be tired from the constant battle for meds or a treatment that isn't SSRIs. I just refuse SSRIs and Melatonin; they don't work, they never have, and they won't now!

Thanks for reading, and I love reading your comments and seeing your feedback. LMK if the last post was too long, okay?

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