Thursday, November 4, 2010

A distraction!

Shopping trip:
On Monday I went to our local shopping precinct, which is basically a street filled with different stores and cafes, etc. First I went to Smiggle, and bought a really cute pencil case and a weekly planner for my return to school, plus some more fine liner pens in different colours to use on my maths cheatsheets and for school, too. Then I went to look at Portmans, and they still have some lovely jewellery! I found a necklace and bracelet and a bag; they'll all go perfectly with the summery floral dress I bought earlier. I bought some other necklaces from Portmans. I also had a look at Sportsgirl, but their jewellery wasn't very nice, and I couldn't see anything I needed. I looked in Priceline for nail polishes before I went home, and I bought a fuchsia, a sparkly turquoise, and a shimmery pearlescent colour. I redid my nails in the turquoise that night, and the colour really cheers me up! It's amazing how much little things can improve your mood when you're really ill.

I saw quite a few things that I loved at Portmans, but I don't need them, so there's no point in buying them! I did see a lovely sequined bolero jacket and an adorable (yet modest) formal dress in their catalogue, so after exams I'll go in and try them on. The jacket is thin, so it'll be ideal for Valedictory, which is in summer. I've got a dress already, and it'll match. The dress is at the tailor's, 'cause I need to get some sleeves/straps put on it. I'm just not comfortable in a strapless dress. I'm going to see if I can use my savings for the dress; I think it'd be nice to have a second classic dress that never goes out of style!

So, here are the purchases! (Apologies for iPhone picture quality.)
These are from Smiggle:
My new pencil case!
It has press studs in
the middle, so there
are three sections

My pencil case opened.
There are two outside
zipper sections, plus the
one in the middle.
My new weekly planner.
I love the pattern!

The inside of my weekly planner.
I can use it next year, 'cause it doesn't
have dates, only days of the week.

And here's the jewellery and bag from Portmans:  

The necklace and bracelet that go with
my summery floral dress

A close-up of the bracelet


The bag I got to match my bracelet, necklace and summery dress!
This necklace has dark
blue beads and leaves
around it. It's quite long

I love this one, almost as
much as the one with
the charms!


I love the charms!

These are the nail polishes I bought from Priceline. I'm wearing the turquoise one now, and I think I'll try the fuchsia next. I'm not sure about the shimmery pearlescent colour, (it probably looks white in the pic!) but it was the only nail polish that was glittery/shimmery and was a nice colour. (ie: not bronze or grey.)

I really hope I can go to David Jones soon to look at their OPI range. OPI has the greatest colours, and so many are glittery. (I've got the iPhone app!) Maybe when Orientation finishes, in December

I felt like a break from studying and revising. Also, I'm feeling kinda spaced out from my OxyNorm (at least it's working) and I'm exhausted, so I figured I'd write a blog post instead of pointless study. I have an exam on Friday at 9am (ugh) and one on Monday at 11.45am. After that, I'm free! Anyone have any tips for summery/glittery/bright OPI colours? Thanks for reading! Alex. xoxo