Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm back!

I suppose everyone wants to know how the reunion went:
It was an afternoon tea, and the food looked lovely, but I didn't feel like eating because I'd eaten already that day and I have braces. I didn't want to have food stuck in them the whole time, it's awful when that happens!

I was nervous beforehand, as I hadn't really seen anyone my age except a very close friend, and that was once in the past year. (We saw 'Twilight' together this year, had a sleepover last March, and saw a James Bond movie the year before.)

As soon as I found the people I knew best, I felt a lot more at ease. Everyone complemented me on my outfit, and everyone loved the necklace. One my friends, the closest I had at school, was suprised I wore nail polish (never have, even for a formal) but she thought the black nail polish looked cool, although a little "emo". =p This was clarified by me saying I still am obsessed with The Killers, Oasis and Franz Ferdinand!!

I mingled a bit, although it was difficult at times, as different groups of kids see each other at uni daily, and go to concerts and parties as well as having a ritual of a weekly coffee and a weekly breakfast. So I was a bit out of place, but everyone was so nice! I haven't received so many complements since I got my hair and makeup done professionally for my formal in 2008. (I also had my dress and shoes custom-made; I was too ill to shop, and they don't make size 3 or 4 formal shoes! I've grown out of nearly all kids' shoes, and can't fit into womens until I reach a size 6. It really makes shopping difficult, especially as I can no longer get away with Chucks. More and more formal occasions appear as I get older. If only my feet were a size 6!!)

Everyone had lots of tips on how to cope with maths, and the main theme was: "You will suprise yourself on your exam day." Other tips included: "Work with a group, or for you, your tutor, right up until before the exam, and make sure you revise everything you can!" and "Something you haven't understood all year may suddenly become apparent in the week before the exam; it happened to me!" also "Take detailed notes, but DO NOT rely on them too much." ... The best of all: "God, Alex, it's just MATHS!! It's so difficult, and you only need a pass mark to get into Accounting. It was so hard that I dropped it after two weeks!" This really cheered me up. When I told my friend, who did this maths in Year 11 (she's so smart!) about my SAC marks, she said that as long as I maintain a 'B' average, I should be absolutely fine.

Nearly everyone was so nice! There was this one girl who's always had a problem with me, IDK why! She was 'shooting daggers' at me, or perhaps a better description, 'giving me the evil eye' ... She is very ill, and I'm not sure it's just physical. She's been abusive/bullying at school, and I had the misfortune of being in the same ward as her last hospital admission.  I had to speak to the head nurse, and ask that she be kept away from me as she would just fly into a rage and insult, bully, etc. God knows why. Perhaps the poor thing has a mental problem. It does not seem to be physical; she was in the ED section, and the psychiatrists came to see her. Normally it's just a psychologist who checks in on you, basically to see how you're coping with your hospitalisation and illness/illnesses. Who holds on to a grudge from 2004-2010?! I really think the poor girl has some serious problems. (I didn't mean to sound rude or bitchy, I just honestly think she needs help. When someone is diagnosed with any type of invisible illness, after years of detesting the invisibly ill, they usually feel empathy for those in their situation. This girl feels rage instead, which is so sad. It drains energy, as I well know!)

But the reunion was not all about this girl! Not at all!! I just ignored her immature behaviour, and concentrated on enjoying the afternoon tea.

I caught up with a friend who has a disorder that causes her bones to form incorrectly, so she just underwent an operation to break both of her femurs. So she understood my embarrassment at having to use a bath seat, or finding a task like brushing your hair exhausting and painful, as well as how difficult it is to lose your independence and have to rely on others. She was in a walking frame for months, then crutches, but now she is back to driving and living a normal, virtually pain-free life. I'm so happy for her. I do wish illnesses like M.E. and Fibromyalgia were as simple to fix!

It was also a relief to tell my closest friends about my parent's separation. They were so understanding, and kind.

I hope to keep in touch with them, but it seems unlikely as by the time I graduate high school in 2011, they will be in their 2nd year of uni. I won't be in their classes, and I was absent from school so frequently that I have been unable to form solid friendships; the sort that last for years. Perhaps I will form some of these friendships at uni.

I hope you liked my post, it is past 3am, but Blogger is finally working! Please let me know if there are any things you'd like to know about my reunion! 

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