Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've been listening to my iPod a lot lately, especially when I'm in too much pain to read/write/use my laptop, etc. I've been listening to Franz Ferdinand, and watching some music videos. Franz Ferdinand have really interesting and creative music videos, and I love watching Joy Division's music video for 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', followed by New Order's cover, recorded live in Glasgow. It's amazing to see the same three people age so suddenly, from 1980 to 2005 or something.
Joy Division. (L-R: Stephen Morris, Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook)

New Order. (L-R: Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner)
 I've been watching Brandon Flowers' new music video, 'Crossfire', the new single from his upcoming solo album 'Flamingo.'
The album cover for 'Flamingo'

Brandon Flowers.
And, really, you can't go past Oasis. I love to watch interviews. There's one off the DVD from 'Stop The Clocks', a best of, and I chose German subtitles. I learned many swear words the first time I saw it. It is helpful for grammar, though. There's also 'Gold & Silver & Sunshine', which is basically the making of their final album 'Dig Out Your Soul'... I like it because it's not just the Gallagher brothers, but the whole band get interviewed. This was also on a bonus DVD that came with the CD.
The album cover for 'Dig Out Your Soul'

Oasis. (L-R: Andy Bell, Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Noel Gallagher)
I've been on the Lyrica for a while now, and it obviously isn't helping. It's actually causing headaches some days, plus the dizziness, disorientation, weakness and weird appetite. (I can't eat for 20hrs sometimes because I'm not hungry or I feel sick, then suddenly I'm starving, and eat a whole bowl of curry and rice and a few muesli bars!)

My new specialist is sending out a script for real painkillers on Monday. He also said I'm not to do my homework after tutoring, because 2.5-3hrs of study is too much for me at the moment. I'd be doing my homework now, except I've been awake since 7.20am and only got a maximum of 6hrs broken sleep, and my younger brother has a friend over. And I've got a headache that just won't go away. It's not as bad as the one I had for a whole week during that virus, but I think that studying will make it worse.

My back was really sore after tutoring yesterday, which went for about 3hrs. We covered more probability. Honestly, that topic goes on forever! I find probability quite hard, but it's not as bad as trigonometry. I was so exhausted last week that I forgot to send my homework in! I still have to put it in an envelope and address it. I'm so sick of distance education, it's a real pain having to do this much study and send off the work every week.

My favourite bands (listening to their music, or looking through pictures, going through their albums) always cheer me up.
The Killers. (L-R: Mark Stoermer, Ronnie
Vannucci, Dave Keuning, Brandon Flowers)

Franz Ferdinand. (L-R: Nicholas McCarthy,
Paul Thomson, Alex Kapranos, Bob Hardy)

Thanks for commenting on my 'Fibromyalgia' post, it was great getting all that feedback! I'd love to know: what have you been listening to? What helps you cope with pain and/or lack of sleep? And what cheers you up?

Alex. xoxo


  1. I loved 'seeing' what kind of music you like. I guess I'm on the old side since I had no idea who they were! Ha ha! Oh my!

    Listening to the video in German is a great idea. That was suggested my instructor when I took French!

    I'm sorry the Lyrica is turning out to be so ruff. I wish they could make a pain pill that had NO side affects. You would think that wouldn't be too hard now-a-days. At least not in the 21 Century.

    Hang in there. You are not alone. Sending you gently hugs and lots of prayers!

    BTW - the new background is really soothing!

  2. It's actually English audio with German subtitles, but before my exams last year, my tutor brought me a DVD of 'The Corpse Bride' in German. It was great!

    The Lyrica isn't as bad as the Gabapentin was, so for that I was grateful. I'm off it now, and on MS Contin for pain. To be honest, it hasn't helped a whole lot, but I am on a low dose. It can't even help rheumatism type pain or headaches!

    I'm in more pain, nausea, etc. as I'm following my new specialist's plan: get up at a set time, (start at 1pm, work back to 9am) move around, sit up, don't lie down during the day, and don't cram all your study into one day. Which of course means that all my homework was really delayed and badly done. I hope someone can sort out my sleep, as sleep hygeine just doesn't work!

    Thanks, and I know I'm not alone. And I like the background, too! =)