Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Franz Ferdinand

I love Franz Ferdinand. I've always really liked their music, right from their (self titled) debut album. But since I watched a MTV Live concert on Foxtel, I've fallen in love with them, their music and their lead singer/guitarist: Alex Kapranos.

Franz Ferdinand.
Alex Kapranos. Amazing.
Franz Ferdinand's music is so alive and full of energy, and watching that concert made me feel... Less dead? It doesn't really give me energy; nothing can, but it makes me the closest I've been to happy since I saw The Killers live in 2007. It was quite odd, really. I went with a friend, and after I was dropped home, I said to my mum: "It was brilliant, they were brilliant, but I feel weird... I'm in pain, and I'm exhausted, but I'm not feeling it. It's like it doesn't matter. And I actually stood for the whole time they played!" Mum: "That's probably happiness. And could you keep your voice down a little?" (It was about midnight and my younger brother was asleep. It was the first concert I'd attended, and my friend and I were just a little deaf by the end!)
Alex Kapranos singing '40 Ft.' at the MTV Live concert in Valencia.

The Killers.

 I've decided I'll do whatever it takes to see Franz Ferdinand live: use all energy that I've saved, take whatever painkillers I can, along with my usual meds, plus Ondansetron if I need it, save my pension money for tickets, and pester my friends until I find someone who'll go with me so I can get the disabled access seating.

... Yep, all that for one concert. I don't have many good memories after the age of 13; so this will (hopefully) be another to add to mine. At the moment, they'd be school related/academic achievements, seeing The Killers live in 2007, my 2008 formal, and, I'm truly hoping, seeing Franz Ferdinand live. Soon.

They're currently working on their next album, but have vowed not to talk about it much, if at all; apparently Alex Kapranos felt that they over-publicised their last album, ('Tonight: Franz Ferdinand') so I'm just dying, waiting for a release date to be announced. Generally, from when a band begins their tour, it takes 6 months to a year for them to arrive in Australia and begin touring. Soooo... They'd better not play any festivals, or if they do, they'd better play some side shows at a suitable venue!

To finish this unusually happy and nearly spoonie-topic free post, more Franz Ferdinand pics!!

Don't you just LOVE the pink shirt?!
This avatar sums up my feelings about hot guys wearing pink.
(That's Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers.)

I hope you enjoyed the post! Comment if you like, whether it's about Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, or just music in general! Thanks for reading. =)

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