Friday, August 20, 2010

New things!

New things!
Doona, doona cover and more:
Close up of the pattern.

My doona, doona cover,
matching pillow case & teal runner.

Yesterday I went out and got a new doona cover, it's navy blue/royal blue, with an aqua stripe surrounding the patterned part of it. I got a new doona to go with it, it's goosedown, but I think it's hypoallergernic. I'm prone to allergies, and mine have been flaring up lately, even though it's winter. It's meant to be a super warm doona, and I guess I'll find out if that's true tonight! Despite the fact I have a single bed, I got a double bed doona and doona cover, so I'll be extra warm, and it'll fit properly/cover more of the bed. Single bed doonas have never fit properly, in my experience!

This is the teal blanket/runner, on top of my old doona.
I got a runner to go on top of the doona, as decoration, because it actually brings out the different blues, etc. in my doona cover. It's hard to tell with iPhone pictures, but it's a teal colour, and it's silky/shiny. It's also something extra to keep me warm!

'Skins' series 4.
New DVDs!
I went to JB Hi-Fi afterwards, because I wanted to see if they had the most recent series of 'Skins', series 4. (It's on SBS at the moment, but I watched it online, as it airs a lot earlier in Britain. I saw the series finale back in March!) They did, which is great, because now I don't have to record it on the Foxtel iQ anymore. I can just lie in bed with my laptop and watch it!

I also picked up a DVD for mum, it's called 'The Hunger', and it's a vampire film with David Bowie. An old one, because Mum's been looking for a copy for ages. I can't wait to see it!

I had a quick look to see if there were any singles from my favourite bands, but no luck. I've yet to find a single besides 'Mr. Brightside' in any CD store!

The life of a spoonie: where to put all those medications?!
Already full with meds!
A month or so ago, (I think a few days before my reunion) I went into Sportsgirl, and had a look at their cosmetic bags. I bought one, not for make up or nail polish, but for my medications! It holds most of them, but I may need a larger one!


Smiggle: matching, scented stationery fixes everything!
I tweeted about going to Smiggle before my haircut last week. I went partially because I love to look at what's in the store, but also because I had a rewards card to redeem. Well, here's what I bought:
6 fruit scented highlighters
3 fineliners with ink that doesn't
seep through: aqua, pink & black

I bought a pencil case, too. It's got two outside sections, one with mesh that closes with a zip, and the other fabric that also closes with a zip. The middle is opened with a zip, and it expands so it can hold my calculator on one side, (it's divided internally by a thin mesh/net zip section) and the other side can hold my scented pens, etc.

The internal compartments are ideal for holding my medications for school next year; it's a lot more practical than carry around lots of pill containers, and some people are odd about others needing to take medication. I have no idea why! It's subtle, anyway.

I use the external mesh zip section for my ruler and fineliners, and the external fabric zip section for my pacers, pens, liquid paper pens and eraser.
Fabric zip section.
Mesh zip section

And finally:
There's one thing I can't live without: my hair straightener! Since I got my hair cut short last year, it's no longer an option to tie it up in a bun when it's wet, and leave it there if I can't be bothered drying and straightening it. I can't even put it in a ponytail when it's dry; it's too short! So I'm addicted to my hair straightener. Even if I look awful, haven't slept and feel like a zombie, at least my hair isn't a wreck!

I just wish it wasn't so tiring. I have to wash it every second day, and use dry shampoo on my fringe in between. When it was longer, I could leave it until every third or fourth day, and in hospital, once it was washed, I could put it in a high bun, and leave it there until it next needed washing. That's why I'm going to start growing it again after school photos next year. (I want my hair to look it's best then, as our school photo goes up on a big screen at graduation.) I know this hairstyle suits me, but it will save me so much time and energy when I can just dry and straighten my fringe, and leave the rest of my hair up. I miss long hair!
My GHD hair straightener.
I hope you liked this edited post; it's not exactly a coherent theme, but there are a lot of pictures to break it up a little. Please let me know if you'd like to see more or less of something, or something new entirely! Alex. xoxo

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