Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm not dead... Yet!

Hi everyone!
It's been quite a while since I last blogged, and to be honest, I haven't used my laptop for nearly a fortnight. I decided to use it tonight basically because I wanted to watch a movie, and I was too tired to sit in the lounge room. I've had a headache since Saturday, and when I rang both of my doctors the other day, they said I could stay in bed and sleep whenever I needed to, until this headache goes away. I also don't have to use the blue light while the headache is here, either. There's something that's odd/worrying: no one has ever heard of severe ongoing headaches and nausea being side effects of using a goLITEBLU, or incredible sleepiness. I've had to up my wakefulness meds twice simply to keep myself awake after using the blue light! The sleep clinician said if I get another headache like this, (ie. longer than one day and no painkillers work) then we'll have to stop the blue light treatment. I think they're worried... =|

An outing!!
I did manage to go out on Sunday. You know my wallet I got? The one I posted pics of in the last post? Well, it broke. So I took it back, exchanged it for another one, and bought some clothes, too. I got a pretty summery dress! I'll take some pics and post them when I'm feeling better, though. Guess what? I got a great wallet; I chose a black one, a different style, one that was more solid, then went to look at clothes. When they were putting through my purchases, they put a brown wallet in the box. I didn't notice until I got home! So I'm waiting until Mum has time to go back and swap it... I am so lucky I kept my old wallet, otherwise I'd be without one!

A short health update:
I'm feeling sicker and more drained with each passing day. My sleep is getting worse, and I'm needing more. Of course, I'm not allowed to get the sleep I need; I have to go to bed at 3.30am, or 2am at the earliest, and get up at 12.30pm. Currently, I need 12hrs in bed to avoid intense pain and nausea. So I'm annoyed. And this headache has me in a worse mood than usual!

I hate distance education. So. Much.
My homework for this week and next week hasn't arrived. I've contacted my distance education teacher 3 times, and she hasn't responded. I'll work on my cheatsheets as soon as my head is better, and maybe work through some Checkpoints questions. But if I'm too sick to complete the practice exams, whenever they get sent out, it's not my fault. They can't fail me, and it's their problem. So there.

What is wrong with this country?!
I had maths tutoring while the AFL Grand Final was on last Saturday, and it was a draw!! I think that's the third time it's happened. Ever. So there's a "replay" (rematch) this Saturday, and my tutor can't come, so I'll probs watch it. Provided I'm feeling better! So, we couldn't decide on a government, the Grand Final was a draw, and they announced the wrong winner on ANTM. (Australia's Next Top Model) Australia, no more decisions for you! It's been a year of indecision, to say the least.

So that's it for the moment. I really hope to post pics of my purchases ASAP, but I'd rather have all my cheatsheets and hw completed. Just for peace of mind. I hope everyone is as well as possible! Alex. xoxo


  1. Okay. This may seem silly but what is the blue light for? and why are you doing it?

    I hope you start feeling better soon! Migraines/headaches are no fun especially when you have them as long as you have.

    Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad you aren't dead ... yet! :-)

  2. I explained in an earlier post; it's meant to regulate your body clock. So you know when to be hungry, to sleep, and it is also supposed to make you feel "happy and energetic" ... What it did: caused 7-10 day migraines, made me so sleepy I had to triple my stimulant dose, gave me severe (Ondansetron worthy) nausea, and made me starving all the time.

    I went to the ER after my 3rd long migraine, they rehydrated me, gave me morphine, and it went away. (Haven't used the goLITEBLU since!) I had to cancel my appointment with the sleep clinician as I was too ill to get out of bed. So far, I've just got sicker on this regime. =|

    New blog post coming soon - and the title was a Monty Python reference! =P Take care! xoxo