Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today, the Independents, Oakeshott, Windsor and Katter announced who they would be supporting to form Government. Oakeshott and Windsor are supporting Labor, along with Wilkie, and the Greens MP Adam Bandt. This gives Labor a 76-74 majority in order to form Government. Katter announced he was supporting the Coalition earlier today. I think it will be an interesting time, as having a Greens MP means that there should be more focus on key issues such as an ETS, and hopefully the rights of asylum seekers, etc.

I don't know if I've mentioned that I wrote to Julia Gillard (okay, emailed from my iPhone) about the support and research that the ME/CFS community need in Australia. Anyway, I got a response shortly before the election, in writing. Unfortunately, it wasn't from an MP, but someone who works in the Department of Health & Ageing, as the Government was in caretaker mode due to the election being called. I called the person, who was a nice guy, and he said to write again, after the election, to whoever is the relevant person, basically saying the same things. This person had pointed out that ME/CFS Australia was a useful resource, and I said it was, but we need more support, and above all, awareness. I'm going to make a request for an MP (preferably all of them) to either wear a blue or purple ribbon on May 12th. Politicians wear awareness ribbons for everything from the violence against women campaign to the bushfire relief fund. I don't think it's a big ask.

An outing:
Sunday was Father's Day, and I went out with my father and younger brother to a shopping centre, and got a new wallet, as my old one was falling apart, and also to take my father out to lunch. We went to the Pancake Parlour, and it was really busy, so I found the whole experience very tiring and overwhelming. Still I was happy with the wallet I got, and I saw a few different things in the store that I liked. I'm hoping to go back with Mum this week. Mum actually gives opinions on how something looks! Clothes shopping, etc. with my father is pointless. Like most guys, he'll say "that looks good" to anything, just so we can leave the store!
Inside view of my new Roxy wallet.
Outside view of my new Roxy wallet.

My new pink lip gloss.
I also went to a shopping centre last week with Mum, as she wanted to pick up something from the Clinique counter. I got a lip gloss, and it's a nice shade of pink. I haven't used it yet, but I looked at the testers, and it'll really suit me. It's sort of a pen-type one, you twist one end, and the lip gloss is pushed up to the brush. It's not messy, and it's easy to use.

After my Year 11 formal (2008) I got some make-up, a first for me, because back then I was practically full-time at school, and feeling really healthy. I was also keeping up 3 extra-curriculars, plus work with a charity. I used the make-up once after I bought it, for a family portrait. I've never needed it since! As it's a powder/mineral foundation, or whatever you call it, it should last for ages. So it's not like I've wasted money, I'm just annoyed I never really got to use it.

Back to school soon!
I've been in contact with my school, and I've selected Literature and Legal Studies as my two subjects for Orientation (in the last two weeks of November) and for next year. (My final year of Year 12.) I'm really looking forward to it, and the school should have reinstated my email account by now, so the prospective subject teachers will be in contact with me. (The Legal Studies teacher is the same as always, but there are two teachers who could take Lit.) The great thing is that the teachers can email me before the booklist is finalised and released, with a list of possible books. That way I can read the books, if we've got them at home. (Mum studied English Lit at uni, so we've got a massive home library.)

I hope we don't have to read Jane Austen. But I'm really looking forward to studying Shakespeare. And I'd love it if they switched Bruce Dawe's "Sometimes Gladness" collection of poetry from English to Lit. Bruce Dawe is very accessible, and has written some lovely poems. I find Shakespeare accessible and quite easy to understand, which has astounded everyone, including my Mum. You'd think the brain fog would affect my ability to process Shakespeare or poetry, but it hasn't! It's really affected my memory and attention span, though. The two teachers who might be taking Lit have both taught me before I was really ill, so they are more likely to be lenient with my homework load, marking, and already understand ME/CFS. I'll just have to explain Fibro to them. The Legal Studies teacher also taught me earlier, so that's good for the same reasons.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog a lot in the near future, as I have exams in the first week of November. This week I have to sit a 110min practice exam. Next week I've got the probability analysis assignment, and then I have practice exams basically every week until the end of October! I did manage to get the probability cheatsheet done, but I ended up doing it on the weekend with my maths tutor.

I've got to do a cheatsheet for every topic in maths: calculus, trigonometry, linear functions, quadratic functions, cubic functions, quartic functions, transformations & drawing of graphs, matrices, and of course, how to use my CAS calculator! I think that's about it, and luckily I've got cheatsheets to draw on from Year 10 and 11, but I have to add a lot to them; this subject gets a lot more complex in Year 12!

So, if I suddenly don't blog for a fortnight or something, the odds are I'm exhausted from study, overwhelmed from study, or can't study or do anything! (Hopefully it's one of the first two, I don't want to be too ill to study.) If anyone has study tips, or ideas on how to relax before exams, I'd love to hear them. I have sat exams before, but maths always causes more anxiety for me, as it's always been my weakness.

Thanks for reading, and I do welcome feedback! I hope I can keep blogging next year, despite the fact I'll be studying two subjects. Alex. xoxo

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