Monday, October 25, 2010


Remember in a recent post I mentioned that I'd bought a summery dress among other things? Well, here are the pictures of the things I bought that day! In addition to the coral cardi, I also got a white one. =)
Summery, floral dress which is super comfy!
I'll wear it at Christmas, if weather permits. <3
Coral cardi with 3/4 length sleeves.
A vibrant colour that makes all my
outfits look much brighter! Purple
looks great with coral.

I exchanged my faulty wallet for this one; it has a lovely
design on the front, closes more securely, and has
plenty of space for doctor's cards/reward cards, etc.
I think I chose the
one on the right
 A trip to a shopping precinct!
My completed manicure!

I went for a manicure the other day (Mum thought I needed cheering up after being ill for so long.) I chose a nice, shimmery, glittery colour, a sort of lightish shade. Unfortunately, I chipped it a bit on one nail, but you can hardly tell. I ordered the nail polish in, as well as the one I had for my last manicure, OPI's 'Merry Midnight', which is a lovely purple with sort of copper flakes and sparkles. (Yup, I really like sparkly and glittery things!)

After the manicure I went to look at a few stores. I found two things: a green long top/dress, to be worn with leggings, and a beautiful silvery sequined top that I could wear to, say, a party, with nice flats and dark blue jeans. It needs to be altered, though. I'm short, have unusually narrow shoulders (so it's falling off my shoulders) and I have child-sized feet! It's impossible to find me clothes. Anyway, I'm too ill to really "dress up", like most girls. To put on a formal dress and sky high heels would exhaust me so much that I'd never get to the party! (And I can't walk in heels, lulz.) So, pics!
My silver, sequined top. I never show my
upper arms; I only wear tops or dresses
that have sleeves, but this is lovely!
I'll use it for more "dressy" occasions.

Green top/dress, which I'll wear with black
3/4 length leggings. It's the perfect item
for spring/summer, and it's comfortable!



Then we went to another local shopping precinct, 'cause Mum needed to pick something up from a clothes store. I found some lovely spring/summer pajamas at a store, as well as super comfy cargo pants. (Adjustable elastic waistband FTW!) One set of pajamas came with a top that didn't fit, so I've layered it with a plain white t-shirt, and it looks pretty.
I went to another store, a really cheap one, and found a super loose, yet comfy t-shirt which is ideal for study or just lounging around the house.
There was a special on singlets at another store, so I got 2 white ones, a light blue one, and a black one, naturally to be worn under things! ... PICS!
Pajamas with alternative top.
Second set of pajamas.
White t-shirt with pajama top that doesn't fit
layered over it.
Do you think it'd look
good as an everyday outfit?

Loose, comfy t-shirt I got for $10 at Cotton On.

The singlets from Dotti: 1 black, 2 white, 1 aqua


Thanks for reading! I'd love feedback! What sorts of things do you wear in summer to keep cool, but also feel comfortable? Any opinions on the grey/silver singlet I've layered with the white t-shirt? Aussies: where's a good place to find reasonable priced t-shirts with pretty designs, or some loose t-shirts? =)

Hope you're all as well as possible. Alex. xoxo

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