Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi all!
It's past midnight on Monday as I'm writing this, but as I'm wide awake, I figured I'd write a blog post.

Maths, Study & Revision:
On Saturday I had maths tutoring from 2pm-5.30pm, then studied from 5.40pm-8.50pm. I rested in bed until midnight, when I got up and decided to revise some more, and specifically, to complete all my required cheatsheets. So I worked until 3am when I developed terrible nausea (which needed Ondansetron) and a shocking headache, which became a migraine later.

I can justify writing this post because: I have completed every cheatsheet for my maths bound reference.

All that's left is a cheatsheet with examples of how to draw various graphs, etc. and choosing which solutions from past paper exams to include. I also have to ask my teacher to come out to my house to help me with my calculator; often, when I try to solve complex equations, I get an answer like: 72e^4x@5. Which is of no help whatsoever!

Terrible luck!
On Saturday 16/10, I woke with a terrible headache, and later developed severe nausea which required Ondansetron. I still completed maths tutoring and studied, but the next day I woke with a terrible virus: cough, aches, pains, fever, chills, runny/blocked nose and an upset stomach. I lost 2kg in 3 days, simply because I couldn't eat! I felt better on Friday 22/10, and had tutoring on Saturday, as previously mentioned.

Unfortunately, today I feel worse. I'd say it's a combination of things: no sleep until 8am on Sunday, due to the migraine, getting only 4hrs broken sleep, still slowly recovering from the virus, and switching meds. So the entire week I was incredibly ill, (bed bound & requiring help to move from one room to another) I was unable to do any study. Which is why I compensated by studying for 9hrs on Saturday, as mentioned above.

Unfortunately, the marathon study session means that I'll be incredibly exhausted for quite a while, but I must press on; I have many past paper exams to do. My real exams are on the 05/11/10 and the 08/11/10.

MS Contin wasn't working very well, even at 40mg twice a day, so my doctor has switched me to OxyNorm. Would you believe that anorexia is a very common side effect of OxyNorm?! I'm already at risk, due to my disordered eating, (apparently) severely distorted body image, and my history. I went through a stage of "starving" myself. And I lost 12kgs in 8 weeks. So I think my Mum will be watching me, because although I want to get into shape, (which is impossible when I'm this ill) I don't need another illness, or more complications, or more doctors! I've been on it for a few days, and I think I'll need a higher dose; 10mg twice daily just isn't cutting it. But it's 100000000x better than MS Contin!! If only they'd give me something to sleep! ALEX. NEEDS. SLEEP. (It's nearly 4am! ... This is an edit.)
I think I'll write a second post so that these are easier to read. Please comment, if you feel so inclined; I love feedback, and it cheers me up when I'm stuck in bed to see an email saying "new comment" =) Take care. xoxo


  1. Hey! I just checked out your blog for the first time following your post on twitter. It must be so hard doing your exams with the ME. Fortunately I only had a month left of exams when mine came on and since then I've only had essays to do which although are still draining they are much more preferable than exams!! Good luck with them and remember to give yourself a break!:-) x

  2. Thanks! =D

    I'll take a break as soon as I've completed all past paper exams, and my cheatsheets have become a bound reference!

    With my dodgy immune system, I never know when I'm going to be unable to move or hold a pen 'cause of a flu, etc.

    Maths is my weakest subject, which is why I'm studying like crazy and having panic attacks daily! But it'll all be over by midday on November 8th. =)

    Hope you're as well as possible! xoxo

  3. What's a cheatsheet? I'm not familiar with that term (I'm from the UK).

  4. Oh, um... Do you have tests where you are allowed to take notes in? I call them "cheatsheets" It summarises whatever the test is on, so if it's a test on quadratics, you'd have all the formulas, types of graphs, and how to apply different formulas and sketch graphs.

    I need lots of step-by-step instructions due to my cognitive deterioration.

    Anyways, for a final (Year 12) exam, you're being tested on EVERYTHING. So you make a cheatsheet for every single maths topic, and then add in some worked solutions from past paper exams, as questions are often repeated! Hope that helps, and thanks for commenting!! x

  5. Thanks for explaining. There aren't any tests where we're allowed to take notes in with us. We have to memorise it all. Sounds wonderful to me!

  6. Yep, well I've got one exam where I'm not allowed notes or a calculator, and another, longer one, where I'm permitted a bound reference and a graphics calculator, plus a scientific calculator if desired. It's a very difficult maths, so they have to allow notes for the longer exam, thankfully!!!

  7. Have you tried Phenergan for sleep? It's fairly powerful and will put you to sleep for 14 hours, at least (incredibly deep, restful sleep too!).