Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An outing!

The outing:
I went to Officeworks! I think we only needed a few things originally, but I ended up getting some new pens (red, blue, black and purple) and two mechanical pencils. I already had pens and pencils, but I needed ones with a very soft grip, particularly for tests and exams. I get wrist cramps and a lot of pain when I write; it's such a pity you can't use a computer for Maths exams. That's just stupid! I also bought a cute notebook that I plan to use as a diary. Maybe if I write out what I'm thinking, I'll be less angry. I hope. I'll just have to wait and see. (Here's the notebook, that's just the cover) 

Before Officeworks, the actual reason I left the house was for a family therapy appointment. Just to work through things while we're adjusting to the new situation, and to deal with long term things, like my illness, and the way my brother and I constantly fight. The session went okay, but it was really tiring. Plus it was only an hour long session, so to try and fit everyone's point of view in meant that the therapist had to keep cutting everyone off to start on a new topic. We've seen this therapist before, and she's good at what she doesn, but with my memory as bad as it is, I can't afford to be interrupted. Otherwise I'll forget everything and zone out.

I've done a fair bit of my calculus assignment, but it's so hard! None of the questions I've encountered have been anywhere near this difficult!! And I have to do a title page, abstract, references and acknowledgments. Basically, heaps of stuff I haven't done before. I don't know that I'll do very well. =| I don't understand why the weekly work was so much easier than this assignment, and I really wish I was able to do more of it. It counts for 40/60 marks from assignments and SACs. So this isn't good. I'm starting to regret choosing this maths, but if I'd chosen the easier one, all my work from Year 10 and 11 would have been pointless. Plus I need it for accounting. I might try to do some study soon; I'll see how I feel.

How to cope?
I really don't know how to cope; no sleeping meds have ever really worked for me, and all I'm being told is "You can feel like you're dying from lack of sleep, but you can never actually die from it." It's not helpful, and it's not reassuring. What I was wondering is this: does anyone have any coping strategies they use when things get really hard? I try listening to music, going on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, or blogging, but a lot of the time, I just want to sleep! How am I meant to cope with this uncertainty?

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is as well as they can be. =)

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