Friday, January 29, 2010

What 3 things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years?

I'm guessing.

iPods: I think the iPhone will become more advanced, people will want all-in-one, compact devices, and smart phones with awesome music capabilities could supersede simple iPods/MP3 players.

MP3: I read there's a new music format, it's called MusicDNA or something, and when you buy a song, it'll update every time you connect to the net with upcoming albums, gigs, and gossip about the band you're listening to. I mean, that would be .awesome. Right?

I don't know about the third.

With the Kindle... Books: no matter what people say, I don't think books will ever become obsolete. There's something concrete, reassuring, and wonderful about opening a book - for the first time, with the "new book smell", or rereading a classic, a well loved edition that's worn at the edges. A book is something tangible. Books shouldn't be downloaded like one would an app or a song.

Integration of appliances: with so many things becoming integrated; televisions with internet access, HD set top boxes built into wide-screen televisions, (fridges with televisions!!) I think that some aspects may become obsolete... Maybe the computer will replace the tv, or vice versa, or things will just link up so much that there isn't a clear line anymore.

I think that's the future: the blurring of lines. Lines between types of technology, between work and home lives, all sorts of things.

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