Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cool change, finally.

The cool change came through sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday (I was asleep, but my room was still boiling) and I believe it actually rained/drizzled. So it went from being 40*c to the low 20s by afternoon. My room is cool now, and I'm looking forward to a week of temperatures in the mid to high 20s.

Summer is only okay when it's school, and I never have to think about what to wear. But not if it's 35*c or higher; then I just can't study or concentrate. If I do distance education this year, I'll miss the uniform (not the hat in summer, or the tie in winter) and not having to think about what to wear. The only choice I make in the morning before school is how to do my hair. And there isn't a lot to do now it's this short (not my first option, but I was too tired to have it any longer, and the school has a rule about tying up your hair if it shoulder length or longer.) I'll miss seeing people, too, but I don't really know anyone that well; all of my friends graduated last year. It'll be worse next year, I don't really know any of the girls who'll be Class of 2011.

I will get to go out on weekends, apart from tutoring... I've got a membership for the footy again, and am determined to go every week, even if it kills me, or I have to rearrange tutoring. And I can see friends, if I'm able to. That's always the problem, I think of things I'd like to do, or enjoy, but can't physically do. (Or mentally. Like study. It's beyond me at the moment, I'm that sleep deprived.)

I just need to get through the next two years, then I can rest. And figure out what the hell I'm meant to do with my screwed up life. I mean, normal people don't turn 20 in their final year of high school. If I could just do my Year 12 faster, I'd have more time for everything. But high school is wasting so much of my life. If I could study, or get A+'s in my subjects, or go out with friends, or celebrate my birthdays, it wouldn't be so much of a waste. But I basically get up, go to school, come home, lie down, and have tutoring on my days off. And am frequently unable to complete homework or study. (How I managed to get an A for semester 1 of German, and a B for semester 2 is beyond me. I didn't study from March onwards!) But getting marks like that gives me a little hope for getting a decent ENTER score. I don't think I can actually fail. (I mean, some people do, but if I keep this up in all my subjects, I'll be okay.)

Anyway, it's nearly 3.45am, so I should try and sleep. Plus I feel my early-morning-haven't-slept-yet headache starting. Leave a comment if you've read something and you want to respond to it... Even study tips for Maths Methods, or other things I could write about... Something you want to know more about.... Yeah. It was really cool discovering more than 1 person actually reads this. =)

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