Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doctor Who, & a little good news!

The 11th Doctor!!
I watched the first episode with Matt Smith, & it took a while, but I've got to say that I do like him... A lot. He's quirky & funny, but is lacking the dress sense of the 10th Doctor. (Who is still my all-time fave!) I'm going to keep watching. I also like Amy, his soon to be (I presume) companion. She reminds me of Donna! I really liked the episode, though it was slow in a few parts. I absolutely hated the complete overhaul of the theme music, logo, TARDIS interior & sonic screwdriver. I loved the continuity of "wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey..." It was brilliant, & I love anything that links back to my fave Doctor. I'm counting down the hours (practically) until the next episode: Sunday night!! If any of my Twitter followers are reading this; please no spoilers!! =P

Now, the good news:
My mum mailed my SAC & SEND tasks from Weeks 1-4 yesterday, so if the address/name/location are correct, my teacher should receive it today. (Wednesday.) That means I'm no longer behind in my work!!

Complete exhaustion...
After the marathon study session & maths tutoring & finishing my SAC, I was exhausted the next day, Sunday. I expected that. But it's now Wednesday & I can't see any improvement. I'm doing 3x the work I did when I attended a real school, I have no social life/contact & receiving any form of communication is really dodgy. You never know if it'll be a month late, on time, or 7 weeks late. So the stress from that isn't helping things at all. I still haven't been able to get out of bed most days until 4pm. My alarm goes off at 2pm, but I'm too weak & dead tired to move. So I just lie there.

Week 9 SEND tasks:
I obviously can't work on the Week 9 SEND tasks tomorrow, as I have a personal training session. (Yes, I'm still persevering with that.) So I'll have to do it on Thursday, if I have any ability to sit & study. I'll have to take meds to do so, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! (It's really hard to get these particular meds.) It's a short bit on the "tangent function" & something else where you mark key points on 2 graphs, then add  them to come up with an in-between graph. I'm just so wiped out, it's terrifying me. Also, it's about 5am, I haven't slept yet, & need my sleep really badly.

Good morning/goodnight...
It's getting early in the morning, so I'll attempt sleep for the 1000th time! I hope my readers are well, & if anyone has any feedback, tips, or just would like to chat about ME/CFS, or Doctor Who, or something, then comment!! I read all of them! =D

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