Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My room

So, I'm going to try a sort of new lay-out for my posts...

An introduction: my room...

I spend a lot of time in my room. A lot of time not sleeping, watching DVDs, going on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm also a messy person (not my locker, or when it comes to books, organisation, just my room) which annoys the hell out of my mum. So I did a massive room clean up, staged over several weeks. I cleared out my wardrobe. Filled a whole garbage bag of clothes to take to the Salvos, ones that I'd outgrown, never really worn, or just never fitted right. Also, my old school dresses I had been keeping for last year's muck up day. You get all your friends to sign your dress, you keep it forever. Figures I'd be too sick for muck up day!

My mum took a Killers poster I got for myself at Christmas, plus a Chris Grant testimonial poster (he's an AFL player) that I've had for... Well, months and months. Since I got my Western Bulldogs jumper last March/April. And The Killers poster is now near my bed, the Chris Grant one is above my desk shelf. They look great, but it meant I had to part with some of the print outs of Oasis and The Killers. When I say some, I mean, it covered half a wall. And I had to get rid of half that amount. I really want an Oasis poster now. Really. That would be epic. But I'm running out of wall space!! I might post pictures sometime, it's a matter of having some energy (or, just not be using next week's energy) getting the camera, taking the pictures, uploading to my laptop and then this blog. So, it may be a while.

Textbooks, and my desk...
My desk is also the neatest it's been since mum cleared it for school last year. (And that lasted for all of a day. I just did my homework and tutoring at the dining room table. You can spread all your stuff out there much more easily.) I've got some of my soft toys lined up, I've organised the drawers, all my stationery, so only functioning items can be found... I don't think I'll be scribbling a pen furiously, in the hopes it'll work, for a long time! I also threw out a lot of my school books that were never going to be sold. Old editions, or folders I'd kept for no particular reason, plus a whole lot of (now) useless notes. Japanese ones from Year 7. Idk why I was keeping those! But it's freed up a lot of space for the huge amount of study materials, books, folders, exercise books, etc. (read: crap) that comes with Year 12. I've kept all my German stuff, though. Right from Year 9. I still plan to study it at uni.

An epic tale - in a new, shiny (precious) hardcover edition:
I also put my new copy of LOTR on my desk. The books, not the movies. (God, I do read!! I have 3 bookshelves in my room, some of them double-stacked with books, and collapsing from the weight!) They're lovely, hardcover editions, divided into the 3 'books', with illustrations by Alan Lee, and they come in a box-cover-thing, and, yes, it cost $135 and I had to order it in especially, but it is SO WORTH IT. My copy (I got it when I was 7) is all-in-one, soft-cover, but with a particularly awesome drawing of Gandalf the Grey on the cover. I'm still keeping that one, for sentimental value. And I'm thinking about getting the same edition of 'The Hobbit' - hardcover, with illustrations, for my birthday. Anyway, these books will last for a long time, and there are just some books that have editions you HAVE to have.

Impulse shopping: some editions are forever...
My mum's copy of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' is so cute. It's a Penguin, and the cover is in 3 colours, made to look like it's a child's writing, done in crayon. And there's a dead mockingbird on the cover (you know, lying on it's back) plus a list of the accolades the book's won. It is lovely, and it's not hardcover, so it will fall apart one day. But I'm always looking at 'To Kill A Mockingbird' in bookstores, in the hopes I'll find one like it. Now, the 'Tomorrow' series, by John Marsden. I bought every book as soon as it was released. And I started doing that when I was 9. Being 9, I didn't have a lot of money, or the foresight to buy hardcover. So I'm hoping for a boxset, because there's, like, 7 books, plus a 3 book follow-on series. Although the last 4 I have ARE hardcover, because that's all they were selling. Irritating.

Longing for stability...
I'm going to the gym today, (well, it's early morning, I'm not going until afternoon) I'm starting to see a personal trainer again. Starting at basics, obviously, I hope to build up enough strength to be able to (easily) carry my schoolbag, books & laptop next year, climb the ridiculous amount of stairs at school to get to classes, sign in, or go the library, and maybe be library captain again. Plus be able to study and do well in my subjects. Never mind celebrating my 20th birthday (I'll be old!) or going to the movies, just basic things like that. Things I used to manage in Year 11. But stability is one thing you can never have with this illness, and at some point, I need to realise that. I'm still feeling really achey, exhausted and sick. The 'flu-like' symptoms are getting worse, and I don't like it one bit! Plus my insomnia is here to keep me company, as always. I hope I can start to improve. Because I'm scared of what will happen if I get any worse.

Okay, so let me know what you think of the titles, and any ideas you've got for layout or readability. =)


  1. I finally figured out how to comment with out my computer blocking it!!! Yay!!

    I like the new layout of your posts, they look good!

    The 'Tomorrow' series is one of the best of all time in my opinion. They bring back fond memories of my grandma, who was a librarian who was passionate about books and one of my best friends.I was 9-10 years old when she gave me the first of the tomorrow series and I remember staying up all night to read it.

    Have you read 'The Shiralee'? It's an old book but I really loved it.

    Hope you go well at the gym,
    Hannah x

  2. Hi Hannah!

    I couldn't go to the gym. =( I was awake until 8am, then slept for 2hrs. Just wasn't able to get up until 4pm that day.

    Thanks, I'll keep setting my blog posts out like this, then. It's easier for me to revise, so I imagine it's easier for people to read! I replied to your Facebook message, too. Some days I can only use Facebook & Twitter on Snaptu (my mobile app) so I can't always reply to messages. =\

    I haven't read or heard of 'The Shiralee'... When I go back to school at the end of the year, I'll check out the LRC. I wonder if they missed me as LRC captain, lol! How are you? x