Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yes, I've taken another step into the 21st century; I now have a Tumblr account... I've just posted an introductory post, reblogged some funny stuff, and posted some of my fave pics. I'm not sure exactly what else to do with it. It's a mini-blogging service, right? Does that mean that when I'm too tired to write a full post here, I can write a mini one there? ... I might just do that! Um, anyway, this is me on Tumblr: I figured I should try it out, as a lot of people on Facebook and on Twitter have it. I like it so far, especially the background I chose for my Tumblr. =D

Side effects...
Because my specialist put me on a dose that was so high it's classified as Naltrexone, not Low Dose Naltrexone, I got one of the worst side effects possible: lethargy/fatigue/exhaustion. So that's why I've been feeling more zombie-like than usual this past week! I also had a lot of nausea and dizziness/lightheadedness. Now that I'm down to about 6mg, I should have milder nausea and less dizziness/lightheadedness. Although the nausea was shocking yesterday when I got up for tutoring; I couldn't sit up or even drink. Thankfully I had some Ondansetron!

The next two weeks are assigned to a two week project SAC, designed to be completed in about 7.5hrs max. After that, I have a 60 minute SAC, then I start Unit 4, which begins with antidifferentiation. I had a bit of trouble with that in Year 11, although it was quite rushed when we studied it. Hopefully I'll do better this time around! I have maths tutoring today and we're going to revise the topics my teacher said would be covered in the SAC. That way I'll be fully prepared. (I hope; Mum had a look [she's my supervisor] and said it looked really long.) The next SAC (the 60 minute one) is on calculus/differentiation and circular functions, so I definitely need to revise circular functions before that week begins. I got a Very High on my last SAC, which is an A/A+, I really hope I can maintain that for my school work and SACs.
Exams are my main worry; I get panic attacks about them, and get exam "panic" - my mind can go blank from fear. It happened twice in two Year 11 maths tests. Plus it's quite scary being in a room with just the examiner watching you. And this time it won't be a teacher from my school. =( There's a morning exam, so I don't know how well I'll do on that one, as I can't function until midday, at least. The other one starts just before midday, I think, so that should be okay. I've applied to sit them at home, so that way I can lie down during my rest breaks. I hope I get a good mark; my teacher thinks I will definitely pass, which is brilliant! She actually thought I'd been a student who excelled at maths my whole life! =o

I slept a bit better the other night, and I seem to be able to get to sleep by 1.30am at the moment, but I wake quite regularly. Today I went to bed at midnight, fell asleep at around 1am, woke at about 2am, then 4.50am, and I'm still awake. I tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't, so I figured I'd write a blog post. I can go to school on 3 hours sleep, it's just trying to get 3 hours of unbroken sleep. I'm really worried about my sleeping pattern because I start orientation in Nov/Dec, and I need to be able to get up at 6.30am, or 6.50am at the latest. Which means I need some solid sleep, and to be able to sleep from about midnight. I know someone my age needs 9-10 hours of sleep per night, and I need more than that because of my Idiopathic Hypersomnolence, but, realistically, I haven't slept like that since I was about 10. If one thing gets sorted out this year, or changes for the better, I want it to be my sleep. (Or "sleep pattern")

I guess that's it.
Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate every one of them, and respond to them as soon as I can; lately I'm not able to use my laptop much at all. I'll try to sleep now, seeing as it's after 6am. If you've got any tips on how to use Tumblr, how to cope with lack of sleep/side effects/illness or exam anxiety, I'd love to hear them! =) Thanks for reading!

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